about us

SkyTel OÜ (registration number 12926323 / VAT: EE101851077)
Address: Lasnamae 18, Tallinn, 11416, Estonia

SkyTel OÜ was founded in the Republic of Estonia in 2015.

We provide high-quality multimedia communications services worldwide. This is achieved through the use of modern solutions from global brands, direct interconnects with national operators and Tier 1 operators.

  • High quality communication services with CallerID presentation with per second billing
  • Fax support (T.38 fax relay and G.711 fax pass-through)
  • Free iNum numbers in the code +883 5100.
  • Estonian city numbers (+372) with the possibility of transferring the number of the Republic of Estonia to our network.
  • Virtual numbers (Republic of Estonia, Russia – St. Petersburg and Moscow)
  • Cloud PBX
  • Support for encrypting conversations and transmitted data within the network
  • Remote server administration
  • Setup and advice on the installation of IP-PBX Asterisk and FreeSWITCH, and other telephone equipment
  • Client protection – anti-fraud and anti-spam systems for our clients
  • Mobile services GSM standard

SkyTel OÜ is a member of the SkyTel Group.
The group of companies includes the following companies:

  • SkyTel OÜ (Estonia)
  • LLC “Klyuch and K” (Russia)
  • SkyTel SA (Ukraine)

Technical conditions

Connection Type: Public Internet / Leased Line

Protocols of interaction of telematic services and data transmission services for the purposes of voice data transmission:

  • Protocols: SIP, H.323

Technical parameters of the telematics services quality for 85% of communication sessions:

  • Maximum delay in establishing a connection (s): 3 … 5 s;
  • The loss rate of IP datagrams is not more than 1×10-3;
  • The error rate of IP datagrams is not more than 1×10-4;
  • IP datagram transfer time is not more than 1 s;
  • The maximum delay in the transmission of an IP datagram is no more than 150 ms;
  • IP datagram transfer time variation (ms): no more than 40 ms;

Codecs supported in our network:

  • G.711 A-law (PCMA)
  • G.711 μ-law (PCMU)
  • G.729

RTP Packet (frame) Size = 20 ms
By agreement, the use of codecs is permissible (via transcoding on our side):

  • iLBC
  • AMR 4.75
  • GSM-FR

Fax Transmission:

  • T.38 fax relay
  • G.711 fax pass-through

Transfer CallerID (number A) and CalledID (number B):

  • Format: E.164 (example: Estonia: 3721234567; China, Beijing: 861012345678) without the prefixes “+”, “00”, etc.
  • Technical prefix: depending on the settings given

Work for NAT is not guaranteed, but if you are still behind NAT, we recommend:
Work with the registration on our equipment (username + password)

  • Take advantage of any public server STUN
  • Register your Public IP on your equipment (your internal
  • IP should not appear in SIP headers)
  • Connect a couple: your public IP and private IP

Work for two NAT extreme is not recommended and technical support in this case is not carried out.